Family Travel

Travel with your tribe.. Create Moments & Memories!

I specialize in creating amazing travel experiences within North America, Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize & other wonderful family friendly destinations!

Fun, Family,Food & Travel, Reconnect with your loved ones!

Multigenerational Travel  grandparents suggesting a family vacation that is active enough to entice grown children &  teens. Many grandparents are booking for their kids, grandkids & families celebrating milestones like a graduation or wedding.

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Culinary Travel

In my family food is a huge & important part of any celebration or vacation plans!

We create amazing family vacation with your loved ones, using culinary experiences  to help you reconnect & create memories together.

Food can be & is more then just a daily need..its a  A Experience!!

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Autism Travel

Having an autistic child can be a challenge, of course. But this doesn’t mean the child and their family should miss out on the joy of travel. Working from deep personal experience Family Travel Headquarters is making this possible to rave reviews

“I believe all families deserve to have a memorable vacation together. As a momma to four with a son with autism and understand a parents concerns in regards to travel and being away from home. And I help make sure they have vacations that deliver lasting positive memories and wonderful experiences for all.”

Family Travel Headquarters work with suppliers and resorts that understand the challenges and work with the family to choice the correct resort or vacation. Through the whole process Audrey is there to assist from planning the vacation and enthusiastically give advice and support as needed.





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Since 1993

As a family Travel Designer, who specializing in  creating amazing travel experience in North America, Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica & other wonderful family friendly destinations using your loved of food & culinary experiences! Let me help you create a fabulous vacation filled with good food & amazing memories to cherish!

Let us make the travel planning process less overwhelming, I believe that all families should get a chance to travel..So if you have a family member with Autism! Well lets talk, travel is possible.

You never know if it will work if you don't try!

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Things to think about when planning:

What sort of trip you want to experience?
What is your best vacation?What about your worst?
How many guests? Ages of people traveling, How many children?
What are top 3 priorities for this trip?
What is you budget?
Where would you like to travel?
When are you traveling?

Added things to discuss for a child with Autism-

  • What are some sensory triggers?
  • What does child enjoy doing for fun?
  • What does he/she need to be safe in environment?


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