20 rules to get & stay skinny…

Eat well and live well
I am looking for a needing motivation & accountability to take better care of myself.  As most of my readers are parents..We need to take care of ourself ..I Mean you too fellow Autism mommas 🙂 
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Here are Bob Harper’s 20 Rules to get and stay skinny!
RULE 1: Drink a Large Glass of Water before Every Meal – No Excuses!
RULE 2: Don’t Drink Your Calories
RULE 3: Eat Protein Every Meal – or Stay Hungry and Grouchy
RULE 4: Slash Your Intake of Refined Flours and Grains
RULE 5: Eat 30 to 50 Grams of Fiber a Day
RULE 6: Eat Apples and Berries Every Single Day – Every Single Day!
RULE 7: No Carbs after Lunch
RULE 8: Learn to Read Food Labels So You Know What You Are Eating
RULE 9: Step Guessing About Portion Size and Get It Right – for Good!
RULE 10: No More Added Sweeteners, Including Artificial Ones
RULES 11: Get Rid of Those White Potatoes
RULE 12: Make One Day a Week Meatless
RULE 13: Get Rid of Fast Foods and Fried Foods
RULE 14: Eat a Real Breakfast
RULE 15: Make Your Own Food and Eat at Least Ten Meals a Week at Home
RULE 16: Banish High-Salt Foods
RULE 17: Eat Your Vegetables – Just Do It!
RULE 18: Go to Bed Hungry
RULE 19: Sleep Right
RULE 20: Plan One Splurge Meal a Week
So what is your go to Fave RULE… Or any your ignore?
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