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I’m am a huge believer in the the healing power of travel. I write this as I sit in a beachside cafe I San Diego, taking a much needed break from daily life in Seattle. As someone who has long struggled with the emotional and physical effects of anxiety, I’ve always been amazed to find my symptoms ease the minute I step off the plane and enter “vacation mode”.

And this is no coincidence, travel is has the incredible ability to take us outside of ourselves and provide the space we need to find healing. Here are five ways and reasons why.

1. Travel Breaks the Routine

When we have schedules filled from day to night with obligations, our health—and particularly, mental and emotional health—becomes severely neglected. Leaving the house in the dark, returning in the dark, stretching ourselves too thin, it’s all incredibly unhealthy.

Sometimes we need to physically leave our home behind to be reminded that we are so much more than a routine. We need time to check in with ourselves and understand what is missing or what is taking too much of our precious energy away from feeling our absolute best every day.

When we travel, we get to sleep in, eat when we’re hungry, exercise at our leisure, and ultimately tune in with our bodies’ needs.

2. Travel Expands Our Horizons

It’s so easy to get stuck inside the bubble of our own communities. We become complacent and accepting of the way things are based on the ways things are around us. Traveling shakes these views up in a huge way. Seeing other cultures, landscapes, cities, foods, it all reminds us that there is so much more out there and so many other ways of doing things.

For better or worse, it allows us to reflect back on the way we live our own life and if this is truly the life we want to live. Travel inspires people to make big changes in their lives, whether it’s a cross-continent move or simply adopting the eating habits of a different culture.

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So just another awesome reason you should plan trip for your family for this year or even next…

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