For those who wish to celebrate with everyone—from the eldest family member to the smallest tot. It could be a destination wedding that the bride & groom want everyone in family included.  Blended families are becoming more & more common place, Parents looking to include there little ones.

Another type of Familymoon is taking your children on your Honeymoon..thereby making it a family event!

Some ideas for your FamilyMoon: 

  1. Beaches Resorts ( Jamaica, Turks & Caicos)
  2. Azul Beach by Karisma
  3. Nickelodeon Resort Punta Cana
  4. Walt Disney World Resort
  5. Cruise- Disney, Royal Caribbean

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3 Tips for booking/planning your FamilyMoon

  • I suggest getting adjoining/connecting rooms, so that the parents can get some private adult time too.
  • Choice a neutral location/resort, not something that the kids have done with other parent on a family vacation.
  • Choice a family friendly resort..will help keep the both the kids & adults busy

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