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Today is 3 years since I moved my son Bradly into a group home in Ingersoll . It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I know and knew then that  it was the right choice & time for all of us.  That still made it no easier to do lol

Today I see this was the right choice, he is happy where he is and that makes it all the easier. I am lucky he has wonderful staff who care about him and keeping him happy/safe.

When we started this journey with Bradly 16 years ago,  Our goal was to raise him to a healthy & happy adult and to help him move into a group home and start that new part of being adult. I am so proud of all of us that we did that. I look back & would not trade any it... I

William wrote this the night we moved Bradly into a group home..I still tear up every time I read it, It perfectly described how I felt on that day!
So today was a big day in my little family..... Today was the big day to move my foster son Mr Bradly to a group home....
What we (Audrey Knight) started over thirteen years ago was a goal she had in life to bring a child into our home who needed the care that was missing in there life... We found a program in london called Homeshare.... that seemed like a good fit to our goals.
3days before christmas those many years ago ... his case worker dropped him off and said..."good Luck"
Oh he was a handful then... lots of energy as all little boys do... misunderstood and lots of bad habits to deal with..
They told us he would never function in a normal family... that he would never go to school... that we couldnt take him anywhere or that he would lead a normal life...
It wasnt easy but one crisis after another... one temper tantrum and outburst after another... we slowly got him set in the right direction...  progress was slow but rewarding to reach each plateau... first day of school...first family visit... first movie... that first supper in a restaurant... life got easier and easier..
Was it a cake walk... hell no it consumed our lives for many years and dedication to get to this end.... that day that we feel comfortable enough to send him to the next chapter in his life....
Mister Bradly you will always be a son to me... and can call me dad anytime you feel like
To Audrey.... I know this road was much more difficult for you the dedication that you seen this thru to the end...I say I am proud of ya..... WE DID IT !!!

So to any moms/dads or caregivers to a child/adult enjoy each moment & savour the memories.  Raising a child with Autism is not always easy...But I really believe that hard work is worth it.



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