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I adore going on multi generational vacations, The memories created are precious to us!  They are vacations with Grandparents, siblings, kids & grandkids. As a family we have done lots of these times of vacations. Of course a recollection of those moments always come up when we talk about a certain trip.

July 2017 my parents, my kids and myself drove to out east via New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and NNewfoundland. This is something the kids will always remember and my parents got to experience & spend time with the grandchildren.

We had just arrived in Gander and spend the day wandering around had been to the Aviation Museum ( Here is the link ) We went to the restaurant attached to our hotel for dinner. Luckily for us the sat us near the back of the restaurant ( you will understand that in a moment lol)

So we ordered drinks, my oldest son Billy ( how is he old enough to drink lol ) He order a drink called Sweet Lips..Which of course lead to my dad teasing him and asking if he had ever kissed a girl. which lead to teasing the girls too.

Well my oldest daughter kept eyeing her little sister and you could tell they where having a moment of don't you dare say anything..If looks could kill lol well lets just say that my oldest Daughter Makayla would be dead lol. Her sister was giving her a look that said don't say anything .

My mom saw the exchange of looks between the girls and asked what was happening.. Mak not able to wait any longer said that Amboo had kissed a boy. ( Miss Amboo was11 at the time) We all just looked at the girls and started to ask questions when? with who?

So Mak proceeds to tell us it happened before school one day and how Amboo had sworn Makayla to secrecy ( hence the looks lol) Well Amboo was not happy with her sister and says Well  I did not even like the kiss.

This whole story experience had us all laughing so hard, the poor waitress came back and we could not stop laughing to even talk to her or answer her questions. I am pretty sure she thought we where nuts lol which was likely the case anyways!  I have to say, i have never laughed so was a mixture of all the kids responses and being tired from a long fun day.

Its been 2 years since this vacation but for all of us this is still a great memory/conversation 🙂  Those are the memories that make vacations worth so much more. My parents got to spend time and make memories with the grandkids and its something the kids will always remember,

This is just one of many memories/moments that occurred on this trip 🙂 I love that this is a trip my kids will remember and I hope will think of fondly for years to come!


I fell is love with Newfoundland when we where there..I  plan to go back & experience more of this amazing part of Canada. So i gotta share this video with you 🙂


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