Small update…

Well hello!

Happy Monday! I hope this weekend was enjoyable and relaxing 🙂

So I have been quiet and not posting a lot on social media in the last few months. So i wanted to take today to share what haas been happening around here!

I am still selling travel & love it! I am changing my focus/niche if you will..I will be focusing on Family friendly travel for families with children/adults with Autism( and other special needs) .

Food /culinary travel and local hot spots, local gems, must eats in SouthWestern Ontario ...and beyond. If you know me, you know that these are things I love the most ( Autism/ Travel/ Food) &  what I can chat on and on about 🙂  ( Of course my family are a top priority in my life too lol )

I feel that focusing on family friendly/ Autism & Food is what makes me happy &  that will help my amazing clients the most. I look forward to moving forward and finishing off this decade strong.


PS did you know that its now less then 2 month till Christmas


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