Why do  you need to use a Travel Council of Ontario registered agency?

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Whether in person, by telephone or over the Internet, always make sure you purchase your travel services from a TICO registered travel agency.  You can always check to see if your travel agency is registered with TICO by going to www.tico.ca and use the Travel Agency Search feature. Booking your travel services from a TICO registered travel agency ensures you are protected by the consumer protection provisions under the Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002 which includes an industry financed Travel Compensation Fund.

Check out this video from TICO site for a overview

We are a TICO registered agency( Tico #50018114) Be sure to check anyone your dealing with who is selling any travel that they are  a TICO registered agent & agency! YES even Event Planners have guidelines to follow ,Go here to read more http://www.tico.ca/industry-info/event-planners-guidelines.html.

When booking your trip though a website online, be sure to check they are Travel Coucil of Ontario  registered…If they are not…you the consumer will NOT be protected, you should always check .If you live outside of Ontario & book your travel  with a Ontario TICO register agency you be  protected. Please go to website to read more to help you be a informed consumer!

Any questions please feel free to ask away….Hope this helps



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